Thursday, October 31, 2013

Overwhelmed, Tired, and Need A Break So I Went To The Flea

I have been MIA in blog world due to taking care of my third child which is my mother.

I'm not being mean when I call her a's what's happens at 84...or at least to my mother.

You see the last 10 years have been a test for me and I may be failing miserably. 

This job requires more patience than dealing with a room full of kindergarteners.

In fact I was in my wheel house when I worked full time as a nurse and had 2 small children with a husband that traveled frequently. I handled that like a rock star. This not so much.

We are at the cardiologist at least once a month with lab work once a week. Walking into CVS is like when Norm would walk into Cheers...everybody knows our name.
This woman is also high maintenance. When I say that I mean we don't leave the house till we have hair and makeup done with matching handbag and shoes...and  this process takes many hours.

And let's talk about Wednesdays. That is senior citizen discount day at Publix...need I say more.

I recently insisted that a walker is necessary and that has helped some because before she was hanging on to me for dear life so she wouldn't face plant.

If walkers came in lucite we would have had one sooner...there may be a career in this for me.

So I usually have a severe case of road rage after dropping her off, take out my frustrations on my family, and drink way to much wine at night.

Last Friday was flea market and I was determined to not miss it, even though we had to be at the hospital for 6 am for a procedure...

 If she could use the computer she would kill me.

She is so happy to have a cup of coffee.

I got her settled back in her apartment and then I headed to the flea:

This is what came home with me.

So if anybody else out there is in charge of taking care of an elderly parent, we should start a club.

Out meetings will take place in rubber rooms so we can beat the shit out of things and no one can hear us and we won't injure ourselves. There will be cocktails served, of course, and we can sit around and laugh and cry till we exhaust ourselves. Our families will probably thank us for this.


  1. I hope I live long enough to be a burden to my daughter.

  2. Oh, Melissa, I've been thinking about you. I knew you must have been busy with your mom. It is a full-time job for sure. My mother lives in another city and is still fairly able to do stuff for herself (for now), although my dad is taking to have her evaluated soon because she's "slipping." Aging parents. I think there actually is a support group out there, but I like your rubber room idea with cocktails better. ;)

  3. I haven't personally dealt with this {YET} but I've watched my mom deal with her own elderly mother (commonly referred to as "Mean Grandma") enough to give you all my sympathy. Hang in there. Flea markets are great stress busters!