Monday, November 11, 2013

My Promise To Buy Local Part 2

Hands down, my favorite place to either buy a gift for a friend or myself, or just browse and hang out with the most entertaining people is Old Made Good.

Located in East Nashville on Gallatin Pike, this store never disappoints.

Meet Kate and Ashley...they pimped out their floors in gold glitter.


 The art can be a little irreverent.

I bought this there for my son when he graduated from college.

 The jewelry is the coolest, and you never know what they have because the inventory is constantly changing.


They have a great inventory of vintage clothes, shoes, and purses.


And they were voted by the Nashville Scene one of the best places to buy a gift for women.


I would much rather hang out there than Nordstroms...just saying


  1. I'm definitely checking them out next time I'm in Nashville. I'm a fan of anyone who gold-glitters their floors!

  2. You can buy that lucite bar cart for me :)