Friday, November 8, 2013

Pattern Or Plain?

When it comes to investing in a sofa, it is probably best to stick with a neutral pallet. 

Whether it is fabric or leather, neutral colors are easiest to add a pop of color to in the form of pillows or a throw...not rocket science and has been discussed many times.

So when one comes across a sofa with a bold pattern in excellent shape, even passes the smell test, what should a person do?

First of all, I have no idea why there is a saddle at the end of the sofa.

Second of all, yes this fabric could go Holly Hobby or kountry kitsch.

But it could also be pretty awesome in the right arena, like these:


White walls and Moroccan table + great fabric on sofa 

LOVE this room. Emilie Jean photographed by Ben Hoffman. 

I think this could be really great in a white wall environment with solid pillows and bold contemporary graphic art.

And at $59.00, what the hell?


  1. I go for neutral palettes in some rooms but patterns in others, so I swing both ways if you will. I love my little patterned loveseat in my office. Kind of wacky, but in a good way (at least I think so). Definitely needs the right room, but I can see it (love the Holly Hobby reference as that was my bedding as a little girl). So you gonna get it?

  2. very cool! I love pattern so it is hard for me to walk away when I see a sofa with all over pattern. I actually bought a vintage sofa with flowers all over it years ago, but could never make it work in my house without it looking like grandma's house. I definitely think that if I had a home with some modernity, it could have worked.

  3. Did you buy it???? I totally see the potential. And I love the orange piping around the back cushions.