Monday, July 9, 2012

Decorating The Dorm Room

Emily has finally decided on bedding for her dorm room so now the fun part begins...accessories!.This is the part I love whether it is a dorm room or a dining room. A dream job would be to style a photo shoot of anything. I really don't care...just let me style something! is the chosen comforter:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest
She loves red so I'm thinking this desk lamp:
Source: via Adam on Pinterest
Maybe a cute rug. I like this one because it has a homemade feel to it:
Source: via LeAnn on Pinterest
This one has clean lines and is more Emily's style:
This one would really add some fun:
Of course there is a laundry list of things needed but at least we have a vision. Speaking of vision, this article was written a few years ago but every time I see this pic I am in awe of this kid. His name is Maximilian Sinsteden (best name ever) and his dorm room is magazine worthy and was actually featured in the New York Magazine.
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest
This kid painted his walls Ralph Lauren's Tapestry Green for goodness sake, got rid of the dorm issued furniture and brought in vintage thrift store finds. We will definitely be adding a vintage mirror and art work to this space...I am paying for this room so she has to play by my rules :)


  1. It will be fabulous, no doubt. Love where it's headed! And yes, that kid's dorm is crazy good.

  2. Love her bedding -- so cute. Still can't believe she needs a dorm room instead of romper room!

  3. Looking good! And the layered persian rugs are insane!

  4. I seriously think we should give Emily the first ever Gogo Ashtray for her room :) She will always think of us and how "uncool" we are.