Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Lost Art

It is about 6 years ago when I finally kicked the habit of smoking and I can honestly say it was the hardest thing I have ever done...including giving birth. I do miss certain things about it, first cig of the day with a huge mug of coffee, getting on the phone with my best friend and smoking away as we complain about kids, husbands, or mothers, or when the weather is so good you never want to come in and you mix an evening cocktail, grab your pack and unwind. 

But the bad outweighs the good, obviously, so I quit. When I go to estate sales or flea markets, I am always attracted to vintage ashtrays and matchbooks and am amazed at the art and creativity that went into these items. Smoking was such a stylish, chic, and social activity in the 1950/1960's so the accessories had to be stylish and chic as well

What happened to the days when you would leave a restaurant and there would be really cool matchbooks in a bowl that you could take on the way out?

I was at an estate sale not to long ago and I could kick my own butt for not buying this person's vintage matchbook collection. There are so many ways to display these little boxes of heat.

But the best idea I have come across in a while is from the blog Capital B. This chick gives instructions on how to make your own "matchbook" notepad using paint chips that we all collect. It's basically a free idea and looks amazing.

I think this is actually a crafty project I am capable of so when I finally get dressed today I'm going to Home Depot and grab my favorite colors!


  1. Yes, they are so pretty! I remember a HUGE glass bowl filled with them when I was little.... hmmm... maybe they are around my parents house somewhere? Please show pics of the books you make!
    happy crafting...-Ann (

  2. So glad you like the paint chip matchbooks! I agree- what happened to the days when design and style applied to pretty well everything! Thanks for linking and I hope you enjoy your books!

  3. Great post! Where was I when you were finding these great matchbooks :)

    Personally, I'm so glad you don't smoke anymore. My Melissa does not smoke but appreciates the era in which it was cool :) Love You!