Monday, July 16, 2012

Transitional Furniture

Now that I am entering this phase of my life that involves no children around, I look around at my "younger"friends homes that have toys and kid equipment and think "Wow, we as parents spend a heck of alot of money and precious storage space on these nuggets!" I mean think of all the amazing things we could have bought ourselves. Like sports cars versus SUV's, coffee tables with sharp corners, white furniture, vacations that didn't include water parks. Oh well, I personally wouldn't trade any of that for my kids so it would be great if there were some items that we could recycle so when you get to be an empty nester like me, you could still get your money's worth.

 For instance the trampoline. Can't jump on it now at this age because you would have pee going down your legs, but you could do this:

Source: via Caroline on Pinterest

And take those afternoon siesta's you never got to do when kids were around.


  1. Oh, I love that bottom swing! I am still trying to decide what kind of swing I want to do on our back porch. I'm leaning towards a bed swing.