Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY Spider and Weekend Plans

At our house we have a theme for our Halloween decorating.

Last year it was "Welcome To Death Valley" other words LSU themed. 

This year it was "Attack of the Giant Spider".

Our neighborhood goes all one house is always Wizard of Oz themed with the movie going outside and special effects. One house hands out candy to children and jello shots to the adults. We are pretty competitive in our home so we...Christopher and to work.

Here is our spider made with pvc pipe painted black, garbage bag filled with leaves, and 2 bike helmets sprayed black and put together:

We inserted a red light inside for extra creepy eyes.

Then we hung a zombie covered in spider web and small spiders from the tree above Spidey:

We covered the front porch, bushes, and trees in webbing and then sat back with a bottle of red and shoveled out candy.

Tomorrow I head out for Baton Rouge to go to the LSU/Bama a pig heading to slaughter.


  1. holy moly that is freaky good! have friends coming to game and we will be out in FQ tonight and tomorrow night...have a blast!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  2. LOVE that spider!!! Well done! We may have to try and make one of those for the forest...

  3. I love your blog
    LOVE that spider!!! Well done! You have a new follower from chile

  4. The spider turned out great. I am very impressed. Maybe the kids can come see him next year. - Brandy