Tuesday, November 13, 2012

From Menopause To Mylar

This post may not make sense but here goes.

A friend from high school called me over the weekend and told me the greatest story. She had a date with a guy she didn't know well so she agreed to meet him at a restaurant. After a long meal he asked her if she would like to go to his house for a drink. She followed him and ended up at my old house that I grew up in!
She wasn't really interested in the guy but she had to get in that house.

This house was built by my grandparents and was a ranch style mid century mod home complete with a front door with the knob in the middle.
She didn't go through the whole house because that would have been awkward since she was planning to bale out soon but she did hit some key areas that I was curious about.
One was the kitchen. Of course all appliances had been replaced with stainless steel and counter tops were marble but what I was most sad about, but not surprised, was that our wallpaper on the ceiling was gone.
It was yellow and silver mylar and super cool.

So to the menopause part, I have not slept in a few nights. I feel like I am headed to a slow death. I will sleep for about 2 hrs then I am awake because I am on fire and awake I stay. So that leads to watching tv or surfing the net.
Thinking about my old house, I started looking for that groovy wallpaper that was on our kitchen ceiling and what do you know...I found it on etsy:

Source: google.com via Melissa on Pinterest

The etsy seller is Kitshcy Koo Collage and they have the greatest vintage papers.

This one caught my eye and know of a certain friend of mine that would pee her pants if she came across this at an estate sale:
Source: etsy.com via Melissa on Pinterest


Immediately I felt the extreme need to order it...along with knife sets and wrinkle cream from QVC. I'm sad for Pam that her date didn't work out but so glad she got to wander briefly through my old home and give me an update. I'm also sad I may spontaneously combust any day now.


  1. That red paper is insane. Off to check it out. Hope you feel better.

  2. What badass paper...of course!!!! Sorry about the sleeping...we must discuss.

  3. What a crazy story. Glad the guy didn't turn out to be a serial killer. And how cool is it that you found that wallpaper on Etsy. I think I know which pee in the pants friend you're referring to (could it be the wallpaper-obsessed girl who wrote about another print today??). And I'm so sorry about the big M messing with your life. Please don't spontaneously combust!

  4. Please don't combust...I need you in my life :) That paper is CRAZY GOOD. Please wallpaper your ceiling.....please!! - Brandy

  5. oh that wall paper! what a shame it got ripped down.