Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I did check out a few estate sales around here Friday, but with developing Death Valley in my front yard for Halloween, I haven't had a chance to take pics and post. It was of course rainy and cold Friday morning as I set out to Brandy's house at 6:15 am. We race over to get in line, confidant that we will be at least 6th or 7th. We pull up in front and there is nobody anywhere. We assume the sale has been cancelled because surely a dealer or two would be here for a certain lucite coffee table that was advertised. We put our bags down and claimed spot 1 and 2, then sat in the warm car till 8:00. Finally at 8:15 people start coming and when the doors were opened that amazing table was ours.

It now resides in Brandy's bedroom sitting area which is awaiting the David Hicks wallpaper to be applied behind the sofa and up the slanted wall.

We also scored 6 retro coffee cups, a lucite tray, and a painting.

Then it was on to the next estate sale. This place on the outside looked like Hansel and Gretals house but inside was a completely different story. We did find an amazing mirror that might just get a hit of high gloss lacquer paint after a good cleaning.

All in all we scored some fantastic finds and earned a really hot shower.


  1. Amazing score with that coffee table!!

  2. That lucite table is insanely good and looks perfect in Brandy's sitting area. Can't wait to see that David Hicks paper up. I'll have to live vicariously through her on that one! And your other finds are pretty cool as well. That mirror will look great with some nice paint!

  3. That coffee table may be my new favorite find of Brandy's. Cant wait to see it in person :)