Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Dream Come True

Yesterday the vintage panels were installed in the doorway of my husband's office and they are pretty sexy:

The guy put them on a sliding track system and they glide so smooth. I love the mix of contemporary, bohemian and Asian  in my certainly isn't Rooms To Go. Everyone's home ought to be a reflection of their personality and when you walk into mine, I think you clearly know who you are dealing with.

Here are some spaces that I feel have personality plus:


  1. I SO covet those panels. You know we love a lot of the same things! I tell you what I'll trade my puppy Zoe for the panels. Ok, just kidding. Couldn't give up my fluffball. But those panels are amazing!!

  2. Those are gorgeous Melissa! PS - I passed a blog award your way... no pressure if you don't play that way. ;)

  3. I agree. The panels are pretty sexy. Good choice. Oops! I just love this chandelier. It deserves to be in a grand hall.