Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Preservation Station

Today Melanie called and asked me if I wanted to go with her to a store in Nashville called Preservation Station to find a back plate for a vintage doorknob that she had found at the flea market. The front of their house has double doors and needed to be replaced so they put up new plain doors, embellished them with molding in a mid century pattern, and painted them a soft turquoise blue. All this knob needed was a mate and this place did not disappoint. If you are in the market for vintage architectural pieces, this is the place to go.

small section of back plates
The girl behind the counter can tell you the make and year of each of these and they range from $15-$35. I now want to change out every single knob in my house.

floor grates
I also want to replace all my floor grates for different colored ones.

beautiful color on these windows

The doors in this place were unbelievable and prices range from $85-$6000 but what a difference it would make in a house, especially when you are living with builder grade hollow door crap.

This one is my fave

You can't even believe how enormous this door is and the workmanship would blow your mind. Now if I had $5000 to blow...this baby would be coming home with me.

If you are ever on 8th avenue and want to look at real craftsmanship that is like art for your home...go there and be inspired.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest


  1. The hot pink door with vintage hardware slays me. I'm doing it. Somewhere. I swear it.