Friday, November 11, 2011

The Big Olive O

Today I was in multiple GW's and came across not one but two vintage olive green sofa's.

Sofa #1

another view

Sofa #2

It was a pretty stellar day if you happened to be in the market for vintage sofa's. I think #1 in velvet is pretty sexy and that color is banana's. Olive green is definitely not just for army fatigues:


  1. I did a post on green velvet sofas a while back and included photo #3. Now I need to pin it (this was before my days on Pinterest). That first olive green velvet sofa is bananas. I so wish olive would work in my living room without me having to change everything in there. Great finds!

  2. Can you divulge the site of said velvet lovely? I am seriously interested and if you can go lay across it until I get there tomorrow will help. Seriously I do want to go buy it-I will actually post my phone # I want it so badly. Let me know :)