Monday, November 7, 2011

A Win Win Situation

What an amazing weekend I had. Daniel's wedding in Savannah was beautiful and they looked so happy. Being married almost 25 years, it's hard to remember that sense of excitement about starting your life together but I think this pic sums it up

Probably the best part of this wedding was a photo booth. Our family took that over. I want one in my house or at least at the next party I throw.

My niece Michelle and Emily
My niece Kate, husband Brian, niece Michelle
These pics got wilder as the night went on and the booze was flowing.

Tybee Island is stunning this time of the year. The colors on the beach were full of grays and teals.

If that beach was a room, I'm thinking this:

or this

And of course the best part of the weekend was seeing this guy cry like a little girl:

Man up dude...we won

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