Friday, September 9, 2011

Missions Accomplished

My mission yesterday morning was to clean the s**t out of this house and that mission was accomplished so I headed over the GW to see what treasures await me and this was parked in the middle of the furniture section

It just needs some upholstery loven and this would be beautiful

Then I headed over to my fave junk shop by the railroad tracks and found these

great architectural piece

I wish this was in my kitchen
I die

So back home for my next mission which was dinner. My daughter and her bff tell me they have a huge essay due tomorrow so we clear the kitchen table and get to work

thing one on the left is mine
Beau was helping

this room would produce some hard core essays and one happy dog
 Back to reality and all missions were accomplished.


  1. What is the junk shop you like? Is it in Franklin?

  2. Love your finds, Melissa. And I would definitely want to hang out and write essays in your inspiration room. Your daughter is adorable - she looks so intent and also embarrassed that you're taking her photo. That would so be my daughter!