Monday, September 19, 2011

New Bedding

Do you remember this pic?

Well, under those precious babies was destruction and mayhem. I didn't lose my mind because the quilt was only $35.00 from the sale area at Home Goods. So this weekend I ran to West Elm to look at replacement options. I used to think West Elm was a snooze fest but lately they have really stepped up their game. So I found this:

Completely not the direction I was going for but I have this vintage piece of fabric that hangs behind my bed that is royal blue and black and I love the way orange and blue compliment each other. I actually have orange in almost every room in my house so it made sense as far as flow. I like a bedroom that feels like it is full of things that have been collected over time. I like it dark, full of pillows and fabrics. Sort of like this:

So now for the big reveal

I am really happy...thanks boys for being destructive adorable monsters

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