Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trash To Treasure

My father in law has been transferred from Tulane Medical to a long term care facility and the goal is to get him home. Brian and his sisters have decided to give his parents an early Christmas gift which is to makeover their master bedroom so he will have a fresh new space to come home to. Brian went in this past weekend to start this process and  the room has been emptied, painted, and flooring goes in today. He came home with 2 glass front cabinet doors that were found in his grandfather's barn and his mother wants us to do something with them so she can incorporate them in the room.

They are in pretty rough shape but I love that there is a keyhole in the frame and my idea is to refinish the wood and replace the glass with mirror. Since there are 2 of them I thought we could hang them on either side of the bed behind the bedside lamps. This bedroom has only 1 window and she chose grey as her wall color so reflecting the lamp light would really bounce some needed light around.
Here as some inspiration pics that I sent to her to give her some idea of what's going on in this head of mine:

She loves this idea so now it's time to get to work


  1. Great idea for those pieces. I'm sure they will love it.

  2. What a wonderful idea, Melissa! And I love the look of mirrors on either side of the bed. Definitely opens up a space.