Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So Much To Discuss

These last few days have been like being in a tornado. Friday we pack up and leave for Baton Rouge to go to the LSU game:

It was a runaway
We spent the weekend with our best friends from college who live in the most beautiful home. It is quintessential South Louisiana French Creole sexiness:

I had to take these at night so Ann wouldn't stress out
This is where all the magic happens
So after all the tomfoolary of Saturday night we always make our way back to their house, unload the car of all tailgating paraphernalia, make cocktails, and Randy starts on grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. It's a tradition that I hope never dies. Early Sunday morning Emily and I head home and Brian stays behind to spend time with his father who is still in Tulane Medical.

Monday morning is spent cleaning up from leaving a 21 yr old son in charge of 2 large dogs. Here is some dog porn to look at

There was at least 2lbs of dog hair on my bed waiting for me
After defunking my house I set out to a junk shop in downtown Franklin for a gift for my son's bday. He is my child that loves all things unusual and weird. Here some treasures that I found

Lucite desk chair with brass castors
Tortoiseshell sconces

Mid Century coffee table
Owl lamp...slightly creepy
Loved this gold coat stand
Then I spot this and I think "This would look amazing with all the Missoni crap coming to Target tomorrow. I could see this in a bathroom with those purple and multi colored towels that have been advertised. It screamed Eat Pray Love. So I told myself tomorrow after taking Mom to the grocery store, I will run into Target and pick up a towel or two. Well apparently the entire town of Franklin had the same thought because as of 1:00pm the entire store had been annihilated by every housewife of all Missoni items. It was all gone. People are losers. I go home and try to pull up Target.com and I can't even do that because of all the losers in the world going crazy for this shit.

Oh well...tomorrow my child turns 22...I feel old as dirt...I'm going to make a cocktail

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  1. Sorry I missed this post. I've been running all week and barely sitting at my computer - not good. Your friend's house is beautiful! Your puppies are precious, and of course, as discussed, I love that lucite chair. Have not seen those tortoise shell sconces - how cool. I was a Missoni loser the other day. The Brentwood store was about cleaned out by 8:40 (I went on the way to work at my husband's office). I got a couple of things, but most of it was just a little over the top. And yes, people are nuts! Oh, and you're not old!