Monday, October 24, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again

Thank you to all my friends who have loved and supported us during this REALLY difficult time but I am back now and ready to roll. Friday morning I was in Brandy's driveway focused on getting to the Nashville Flea Market. I don't know if you remember some large orange plexiglass circles we found a few weeks ago...well they are now in her foyer against a stunning fushia pink lacquered wall

possibly the coolest thing ever!
So we head out to the flea market armed with caffeine and cash.
First item spotted:

This amazing fixture was removed from a house built in 1952. It will now reside in Brandy's mid century modern home in her kids bathroom.

This lamp reminded me of the movie Anchorman sex panther cologne scene

This chair spray painted would be banana's

I loved this industrial lamp

My find of the day was this beautiful pale pink lamp with an acrylic base. This vendor from outside of Chicago never disappoints. I envision a large white drum shade with gold on the inside and then placing said lamp in a room similar to these:

Source: None via Thistle on Pinterest

Source: None via Nikki on Pinterest

Who knows...this lamp may be available to the general public very soon...


  1. That is the most beautiful lamp. I'm coming to your house to see it. Right. Now. At 10:30 PM. Cover your boobs.

  2. I missed it, got the dates mixed up. Was sads. Lets make a flea market date for the next one. If we both see something we like we have a Mexican stand off, person thats still alive gets the item.