Friday, October 14, 2011

A Day In The Life

I know so many people are jealous of this "Insanely" fantastic life that I have so I thought I would give you a play by play on how this day is going:

6:50am Emily's ride for school is a no show so I grab my purse and cup of coffee, slip on some flip flops, find a cardigan to cover my boobs because I have on a thin nightgown and race out the door.

7:15am Arrive back home, make sure no neighbors are outside, grab purse and empty coffee mug, walk up to my house and fall. The contents of my purse go flying one way and my ass is everywhere. I leave chunks of my knee on the sidewalk and get inside with no dignity.

8:00 Out the door, very carefully, to meet Kathy at an estate sale. Great time with her as always but didn't score at the sale.

9:00 Dropped off a nightgown for my mom, who promptly looked me up and down and asked me why I was wearing a shirt with a hole in it? At least that hole is not as big as the one on my right knee! She then feels the need to have me check her blood pressure and pulse 10 times. I ask if we need to see the cardiologist and she says "No...I'm sure my heart will just stop and that will be it" Fantastic

11:00 I head home...BP and pulse are fine

11:30 Arrive home, walk in carefully. Let dogs out and start sweeping up dog hair

12:00  I'm disgusted and leave for the GW and find this

$5.99 brass sconce

So that's the jealous and enjoy this room with non shedding dogs

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  1. The brass sconce would have made it all go away. Ok...brass sconce and a dirty martini.