Monday, October 10, 2011

What Would Kelly Wearstler Do?

So on Sunday I am wandering through the GW when I come across these:

and I asked the all important question "What would Kelly Wearstler do if she was wandering through the GW and saw these?" And the answer is this:

She would instantly buy them, cover them, and put them in a setting that they deserve. I however would not have chosen big bird yellow but would have gone for something like this:

I love the pink and that's what Kelly would have done if she happened to be in the GW on a Sunday afternoon in Franklin Tn.
There were other items that made the cool list

love the shape 

great table and chairs without light
\\\So the next time you find yourself in a design dilemma, ask yourself what would Kelly do?


  1. I often ask myself WWKD. So, did you get those chairs?? They're fabulous. Love your picks for fabric. They look like they have some form of flamestitch on them currently. It's hard to tell, are they brass or chrome? And are there just 4? I know ModFruGal is looking for some dining chairs!

  2. I need to visit the gw you are going to lol! So much bab stuff, I especially love the chairs!

    xox Linda