Friday, October 7, 2011

Making The Rounds

Wednesday night the girls and I went to Best of Nashville sponsored by Nashville Scene at the Parthenon. The Scene has a contest every year that establishes the "best" in every catagory around town. From the best Italian food to the best bartender. With that being said, the girls and I ate till we were wishing we had our fat pants on. But expanded waists did not keep us from the dance floor. They had an amazing '80's band playing so at least we got some exercise and worked off maybe one mini cupcake.

So after recovering from my diabetic coma, the next day I head over to East Nashville in search of  the perfect gift for my sister. She is a potter so I knew I wanted something handcrafted and unique. My first stop was Art and Invention gallery which was closed but next door is the greatest little community of shops that are so unique.

This shopping village could not be any cuter. So I went in a store called Alegria and they had the greatest array of items in there. From Hobo bags and wallets to these adorable paper lanterns

The sales girl was loads of help and I found the perfect piece of jewelry that will suit my sis.
You can have a mall full of stupid generic crap....I would rather shop like this.


  1. Oh, those are those cute shops by Wonders on Woodland, right? I must go back there and shop some time. Yes, unique items as opposed to generic junk is SO much better!

  2. I hit those shops whenever I'm in the area...cute unique stuff, and I imagine reasonable rent for the owners since they are all those cute little prefab huts. Nashville needs more collaboratives!