Monday, April 30, 2012

A little art, a lot of fun, great friends

This weekend I went with Brandy from Chateau A Gogo to Birmingham for the Magic City Art Show. We stayed at her sister and brother in law's beautiful home and shopped for art, clothes, and drank a few margarita's. It was the perfect weekend with amazing friends. I bought a small piece from an artist that I fell in love with last year:

The artist is Ashley Lindsey and you can find her here She is young, sweet and crazy talented so check out her website. Also continue to check out Brandy's blog to see her purchase.

While I was away the hubs put all the cabinet doors with hardware back on:

Looking good Mr. Kotterrrrrrrrrr!

Then I get a call this morning from the marble company and my marble is on back order. I have people, a lot of people, coming here at the end of the month for Em's graduation. I need to have this done! So I hung up the phone and did this:

Source: via Ditte on Pinterest
Source: via Leslie on Pinterest


  1. Oh, no! I hope your countertops come sooner rather than later! Glad you girls had fun - somehow I knew you would. Your art and cabinets look fab!

  2. Damn! Fingers crossed it comes through in time! Glad you guys had a great time and scored!!

  3. Cabinets look great. Can we go back to B'ham now???

  4. Lol don't do THAT! I'm sure it will be good in the end =)

    PS: you have listed your email address in place of your website address (URL) in blogger, so when people click your name on a comment you've left on another blog, they are lead to blogger, not to your blog. Email me if you don't understand what I mean, and I will help you correct it =) No need to send potential readers away, right?

    xox Linda =)

  5. Girl I'm sure you'll get it a lot sooner then we got ours, 2 months no joke. Hope it comes in soon. For y'all!