Thursday, April 12, 2012

Turquoise and Gold

This pic is a little late to post since Easter has come and gone, but my daughter just showed me this photo of my ya ya mom yesterday that she had snapped while sitting in the backyard after lunch. She was clearly not happy about having her picture taken, nevertheless, her outfit was such a great color combo and she is so stinking cute for 82 yrs. old, that I had to post it.

She would kill me if she saw this!

The color turquoise is her favorite and mine too. I love it mixed with gold which she has done with the over sized necklace and in a room the affect is nothing short of amazing.


  1. You know I love me some turquoise and gold. Your ya ya looks amazing!

  2. The picture with the chair, the dog, the crazy cat statue, love it all!!!

  3. Your mom is so cute!!!! Apple doesn't fall far! Hope to catch up with you ladies soon!!!