Friday, April 20, 2012

The Power Of Paint

Painting a brick fireplace is not a new idea but it is a great one when you inherit dark ugly brick. My adorable niece Michelle recently purchased her first home and we couldn't be more proud of her. The house is Acadian style, which is extremely popular back home in Louisiana. She has been putting her stamp on it from the minute she moved in and last weekend she tackled the fireplace. Whiting it out was the perfect solution:



It's a lot of hard work but so worth it. This 23 yr. old is on her way to creating a magazine worthy, or at least blog worthy home, and I am so proud of everything she has accomplished at such a young age.

Here are some other blog worthy spaces:


  1. Yay to white brick fireplace! That photo with the semi circular sofa is amazing!

  2. The fireplace looks great. I love the last picture.....that space is awesome. Whoever lives there must be the coolest girl in the world ;) Ican't wait to see your neice's space come together and your KITCHEN!!!