Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This Domaine Is Indeed Insane

We have so much going on over here and it is all really exciting.

First of all I have chosen a counter top for my kitchen and the guy is coming in the morning to make the template! I'm going with a quartz product that is virtually indestructible so when I spill red wine, dribble evoo, or splatter tomato sauce, I won't have a heart attack. This is what the counters will look like:

We will be painting our cabinets black and am hoping the whole effect will be something like this:

Still obsessed with this one.

Hoping all this gets done before graduation weekend. Yes my baby will be graduating from high school next month and I want this to be done by then. We are expecting family to be piling in for the big event and of course we will be cooking like a bunch of crazy cajuns.

While surfing the web this morning, I find this:

So the hubs and I are going to take a look at it this evening. It would be perfect for the large amount of people we are expecting. I currently have a round black table in my dining room so I can just move that to my kitchen and it will all work out beautifully...that's what I keep telling myself.

I really need to get to addressing and stuffing these graduation announcements but that would be facing the reality of the subject and I would rather be like Scarlet O'Hara and think about it tomorrow.


  1. I can't wait to see your kitchen. This is so exciting and I love the table. What a great find. I'm so excited for Emily but I know a part of you is sad. We will get through it with design therapy.

  2. How exciting on the kitchen front! Table?! Hope it worked out for you...we'll have wine and movie night to deal with the bittersweet graduation chez modfrugal!

  3. I was scoping that table out as well for my basement as a desk but feel it might be to big. Hope you get it!

  4. hi Melissa, thanks for stopping by our blog. I am loving reading through your old posts..and will continue to follow you ! Love your posts!