Friday, March 9, 2012

Living In A Tommy Hilfiger Ad

Yesterday as I was in the hair salon for 2 hrs. dying my hair auburn, I had the pleasure of looking through numerous fashion mags and I kept lingering on the Tommy Hilfiger ads. I love this ad campaign because I feel like I have partied with these people before and I love the whole "cool country club" vibe. I went to a private high school and graduated in "83 so the look was polo and izod shirts but I hung with the preppy party people so we were the sloppy slummen preps so I guess that's why I feel like I know this crowd.
Not only are the clothes great but the props and backgrounds are fantastic and would make perfect rooms:


  1. I love these ads! Ha, I just coincidentally sent that 1st image to my in laws telling them that's how I pictured their ski trips in the 80's. They cracked up at it! Great rooms too! Reminds me of a project in school where I did "preppy chic" apartment. It was lime green, navy and hot pink! Awww yeah! -Boo

  2. Love when you do this - translate fashion photos into rooms. I've never tried it, but not sure I could do it as well as you. I was all about having that little alligator on my sweaters years ago. So ridiculous. Great post!

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