Monday, March 12, 2012

My Constant Inner Struggle

I preface this post by revealing this inner struggle I have with my 2 personalities. The first one is the girl that walks into an all white space with pops of color and gets so excited. I love when the art and accessories are the focal points and everything looks fresh and modern:

The other half of me loves dark and moody rooms that feel like a cocoon. Places where I want to curl up and read a book, take a nap, or enjoy a glass of red wine:

So my dual personality really kicks in because it is that time of the year where my husband and I do a project in this money pit of ours. The laundry list is long and the budget is tight and we each have our own idea what the project of the year will be. He votes new flooring in kitchen...we have pealing linoleum. I vote new counter tops and paint the existing cabinets...we have Formica and several coats of white paint on the cabinets.

I love the look of an all white kitchen:

I like white cabinets with black counters:

But my true love is black cabinets and white counters:

I have loved this kitchen since it was in Elle Decor in 2008. I have this page torn out and put into my dream magazine that I created a while back. This kitchen makes me feel warm and cozy. I want to spend time here with a long recipe and a bottle of wine. I bet the conversations would be intimate and interesting and the food rich and savory. We will see who wins the battle but in the meantime a girl can dream.


  1. Oh, girl, I suffer from major Design ADD. I have a different idea/opinion/love almost every day. It's a sickness, and I need treatment. I have to say that white kitchens always win the battle for me though. I do love the dark cabinets with white countertops though, and that inspiration pic of yours is too tempting. Dream on! Maybe you could compromise and do a little of both? Gorgeous Shiny Things painted her formica counters to look like marble. Of course, you might have to hire her to do it if you're anything like me and have poor painting skills.

  2. Sorry....I'm a white kitchen girl. It feels cleaner :) Also I have a set of black painted cabinets in my kitchen and they are a pain to keep clean. I will have to wait on my kitchen re-do but will enjoy watching yours.