Thursday, March 15, 2012

Senior Living

A few days ago Emily Henderson posted about a senior community called Sunrise Senior Living. She gave tips about how to design a space in a senior community. I know all to well how this works and wanted to give you a peak inside my mom's apartment in her senior community. My mother is not your typical 82 year old. She was born into an artistic family and after graduating from LSU in 1951 with a degree in Interior Design, she headed to Miami. With the exposure of such diverse cultures, she developed a style that to this day is impeccable and magazine worthy. This is a woman that does not leave her apartment until she is totally put together and her space is perfect as well. She has a fine eye for detail and is head strong about the contents of her home.

The community where she lives is in a hip part of Nashville called "The Village", steps from Vanderbilt University. It is government subsidized living which to some would conjure up all kinds of negative visions, but trust has views that are enviable!

this is the outside

As you walk in to her apartment, we made a gallery wall of black and white photo's.

This oriental chest was her mother's and serves as her foyer, a place to put keys and extra storage.

Off the hallway to the right is the small kitchen with her dining area straight ahead. We painted a feature wall in her favorite color to give the room some definition and a punch of color.

Here is Pat with her cat Lucy in her living room. Her sofa was purchased from IKEA along with the ottoman which is also used for extra storage.

This view is from the sofa. The mid century credenza was purchased here and provides much needed storage.

Her bath is off the living room and she has hung art and pictures that are meaningful to her.


This is her bedroom where she has a twin bed, chaise lounge, the all important walk in closet, and her cat Lucy.

In closing I wanted to say how proud I am of my mother. She is truly a style icon in many ways and maybe a glimpse into her senior living will inspire others to always surround yourself with what you love, embrace color, and be true to your esthetic, because in the end, that's all that matters.


  1. What a great peek into her world..thanks for sharing!

  2. Pat rocks and your pictures look so good. I'm sure she is a very proud mama :)

  3. Your mom is so cool! Love her place, of course. Full of personality and fun!

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