Thursday, March 29, 2012

This Is How an Insane Person Thinks

I have been walking religiously ever day for 45 minutes with these 2

Big Beau

 Sweet Baby Breesus

And on these walks random thoughts go through my head and today was no exception. Here was the following dialogue that I had with myself:

1. Thinking about Liz, my crazy lunatic bff from high school.

2. Remember when we saw "Terms of Endearment" in 1983 and we were crying so hard that we needed to be hosed down from the amount of snot that was pouring from our noses.

3. I should watch that movie today and call her.

4. God I loved the front of that house with the ivy all over it.

5. We should do that on ours...and add a black and white awning over the front door.

6. I don't know what I would do if Liz got sick like Debra Winger...I couldn't take it.

7. I wonder when is the last time she went to the doctor? I'm calling her when I get home.

There you go. I'm insane.
Here is the picture form of that dialogue:

Queen Liz


  1. You are insane! And that scene where Shirley MacLaine is screaming at the nurse to give her daughter more medicine....OMG...I just got chills and thought about crying.. I have to go now. Thanks for putting me in a funk.

  2. I'm such a loser. Never seen it. Now I have to. Going thru the VHS movies in the tv cabinet here at the rental cottage in Seaside right now. Dances With Wolves. Risky Business. Truman Show (of course). Arthur On The Rocks. Life In The Animal Kingdom. Hmmm. No Terms Of Endearment. Do I want to see Kevin Costner's naked butt or Tom Cruise in his underwear?? I think I'll walk down to Town Center and get a waffle cone.